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Suppliers searching in China
Business transaction support in China
Cargo delivery from China
Interpretation service in China
Virtual attendance of exhibitions in China
Inspection services in China
Legal backing in China
Company registration in China and Hong Kong
Trade mark registration in China
Evaluating suppliers in China and Hong Kong
Preparation and signing of supply contracts
Certification of goods on the territory of China
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Searching and selecting needed supplier
Cargo delivery fee
Interpreting service
Virtual attendance of exhibitions in China
Trade mark registration

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Address: Office 1805, 18/F., Huamin road 41, Tian He district, Guangzhou, P.R.C.

Phone: 8-10-86-20-38621461
Fax: 8-10-86-38621461

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AZ Strategies – full service package for successful
business dealing with Chinese suppliers.

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